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The Definitive Guide to Pocket Squares

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The Definitive Guide to Pocket Squares

The pocket square is a simple, distinctive way for men to transform their attire from casual to classy. Your outfit literally depends on this piece of fabric. If worn properly, pocket squares can complement and improve your appearance for the day. The opposite is also true, so make sure you rock them accordingly.

We aim to give you the self-assurance you need in your pocket squares because they are one of the most important materials a guy of style can own. The essentials of how to wear these items correctly are covered in the following advice, which will help you spruce up your outfits with color and flair.

Pocket Square Folding Styles

If you want to round off your exquisite style, a pocket square features a variety of varied folds you can choose from. Wherever you travel, these accessories frequently add a splash of color and style, but folding one can be tricky.The trick is to fold the fabric appropriately for the situation and to avoid using the pocket square as a substitute for a handkerchief.Pocket squares belong in your jacket's breast pocket, but handkerchiefs belong in your front or back pockets.Additionally, the two pieces of cloth have completely distinct functions; you wouldn't want to enter a wedding with an oversized handkerchief!Simply go out and purchase a male pocket square, then attempt one of the following six folds:

1. Square Folding

This fold style, often known as the presidential fold, is ideally suited for black-tie occasions.The simplest and most graceful fold is this one.The result should be a single strip of cloth that runs horizontally and parallel to the top of your breast pocket.Use this pocket square to accessorize formal events. Choose a cotton or white linen pocket square, and be sure to iron the wrinkles.

2.The Triangle Fold

The one-point fold is yet another name for this. The greatest way to add color to your outfit is with triangle folds.They are also basic enough for professional settings and laid-back blazers. The best pocket squares are made of cotton or linen.

3. The Folding Stairs

This pocket square fold is beautiful and detailed. When you master the stairs fold, your jacket pocket will have three levels of stairs protruding from the top!If you're sick of wearing square and triangle square folds, use this.

4.The Puff Fold

Although adaptable, puff folds are quite simple to use. With this one, you may always choose printed patterns and designs.It's crucial to note that puff folds should have creases and dimples to seem fashionable.

5.The Winged Puff

Always use a solid-color or plain-printed pocket square with the winged puff.If you want low-friction pocket squares, this one is perfect for you.

Men Ties and Pocket Squares Set Mens Handkerchief

Advice On How To Secure Your Pocket Square

If you recently purchased the pocket square or are attending a highly important function, it might be very aggravating when the pocket square keeps slipping into your jacket breast pocket.You can take some steps to make sure that this never occurs again. Top three are as follows:

1. Modify The Length:

Verify the length of the fold before continuing. Ensure that the length is adjusted by folding the pocket square more closely toward its base until its bottom contacts the bottom of your pocket.

2. Modify Width:

Once more, changing the width will prevent your pocket square from slipping. The spread can be made larger so that it will fit at the pocket's opening exactly.

3. Purchase a Fitted Suit:

Now, if nothing of these work, maybe you should purchase a suitable attire! Get rid of that baggy suit that causes the pocket square to fall out of place if you want to know the trick.

Wear Pocket Squares When

1. Formal Occasions:

The finest occasions to don your pocket square are at graduation ceremonies, business meetings, and formal workplace celebrations. The square or triangular fold is the best way to fold a pocket square in such circumstances.Due to its simplicity and elegance, the square fold is considered the ultimate classic. These pocket squares ought to have a solid, striped, plaid, or checkered pattern.Events that aren't too formal or casual: You can also dazzle your coworkers with your sense of style at these occasions.On these occasions, you can choose among paisley, polka dot, checkered, and plaid pocket squares. Additionally, you can experiment with stairways and puff folds.


Puff and winged puff folds are options for these informal gatherings.As there is more opportunity to show off your sense of style than at formal and informal occasions, it is also an excellent time to play with your floral, paisley, polka dot, and checkered pocket squares.

Choosing The Right Pocket Square For Your Tie

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As was already mentioned, when worn properly, pocket squares can complement and improve your overall appearance. But if worn incorrectly, you run the danger of spoiling your entire ensemble.

You ought to know how to pair your tie with the appropriate pocket square. It should be your goal to coordinate or contrast these two pieces of clothing with all of your other accessories.

Please take note that wearing a matching tie and pocket square does not entail matching colors exactly. You will appear uninspired and boring as a result.Contrary to what you may have read or observed in the past, ties and pocket squares should have different hues and patterns.

A few fundamental guidelines include picking a primary tie color, matching it with your pocket square, and selecting a pocket square that is either slightly darker or lighter than your tie.Here are some suggestions for wearing this item of clothing that you should keep in mind.

Dos And Don'Ts For Pocket Squares (Including Advice On How To Choose One That Goes With Your Outfit)

As was already mentioned, when worn properly, pocket squares can complement and improve your overall appearance. However, if worn improperly, you run the danger of destroying your entire ensemble. Here are some suggestions for wearing this item of clothing that you should keep in mind.

1. Opt for a plain white pocket square for formal occasions. Always choose a predominantly white pocket square with subtle patterns or colorful border if you want something that will fit in with all corporate settings. This is a formal, yet conservative, appearance.

2. You don't need to stress over wearing a white pocket square. Practically any tie and jacket combo, or color, will work with these.

3. It's not acceptable to match the color of your tie and pocket square.

4. Watch out for going overboard with your patterns. In your tie and pocket square, always strike a balance between solid hues and graphic patterns.

5.Consider matching the pocket square fold to the event you're attending. Formal events call for flat folds, one-point folds, and two-point folds. You can experiment with more flamboyant folds for more laid-back occasions.

6. Opt for a monochromatic pocket square if you're wearing a black or white suit.

Cleaning Your Pocket Squares

Always keep in mind whether your pocket square is made of linen, silk, cotton, polyester, or wool when cleaning it. The following are some diverse handling techniques for various materials.


Cleanup is simple with linen. You may wash colored linens at 104°F and plain linens at 140°F. But avoid putting them in the dryer. Always air dry them, but if they become wrinkled, use a hot iron with a lot of steam to remove the wrinkles.


Cotton squares, which are quite simple to clean, can be handled in the same manner. You can put them in the dryer after cleaning. A further benefit of cotton is that, unless we're talking about colored pocket squares, you can always use the bleach solution to get rid of stubborn stains. In that situation, use bleach sparingly. Wrinkles can be reduced by ironing at high heat.


A lot of caution is needed when handling silk squares. The fact that silk is so delicate presents a number of difficulties, making machine washing and drying impractical. Sending them to a dry cleaner for washing is the best course of action.

If you insist on cleaning everything yourself, wash the squares by hand in cold water. All you need is a towel to dry. Inside the towel, roll them slowly and push. Then you can spread them out away from direct sunshine. Put a piece of fabric on top of the silk square and iron it to remove the wrinkles.


Polyester is the fourth type of square cloth you may have. You may machine wash, tumble dry, hand wash, and air dry the material as you see fit because of its strength and practicality. The sole restriction is that polyester squares should only be washed at low temperatures and without bleach to prevent shrinkage. Heat is also suitable for ironing.


Last but not least, wool squares can be cleaned at 140°F and colored squares at 104°F. They should not be dried in a dryer. Always let them air dry before ironing at a moderate temperature.

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