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The correct combination of pocket squares

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The correct combination of pocket squares

Period of wear for pocket squares

Formal occasions: The finest occasions to don your pocket square are at graduation ceremonies, business meetings, and formal workplace celebrations. The square or triangular fold is the best way to fold a pocket square in such circumstances.

Due to its simplicity and elegance, the square fold is considered the ultimate classic. These pocket squares ought to have a solid, striped, plaid, or checkered pattern.

Events that aren't too formal or casual: You can also dazzle your coworkers with your sense of style at these occasions.

On these occasions, you can choose among paisley, polka dot, checkered, and plaid pocket squares. Additionally, you can experiment with stairways and puff folds.

During these informal celebrations, you can choose among puff and winged puff folds.

As there is more opportunity to show off your sense of style than at formal and informal occasions, it is also an excellent time to play with your floral, paisley, polka dot, and checkered pocket squares.

Pocket square matching with a tie

As was already mentioned, when worn properly, pocket squares can complement and improve your overall appearance. But if worn incorrectly, you run the danger of spoiling your entire ensemble.

You ought to know how to pair your tie with the appropriate pocket square. It should be your goal to coordinate or contrast these two pieces of clothing with all of your other accessories.

Please take note that wearing a matching tie and pocket square does not entail matching colors exactly. You will appear uninspired and boring as a result.

There should be differences in color and design between ties and pocket squares, notwithstanding what you may have read or observed in the past.

Some fundamental guidelines include picking a pocket square that is a shade darker or lighter than your tie, matching your tie's primary color to your pocket square, and choosing a matching tie and pocket square.

As you rock this piece of fabric, keep in mind the following dos and don'ts.

DOs and DON'Ts of wearing pocket squares (as well as tips on how to pair one with your outfit)

As was already mentioned, when worn properly, pocket squares can complement and improve your overall appearance. However, if worn improperly, you run the danger of destroying your entire ensemble. Here are some suggestions for wearing this item of clothing that you should keep in mind.

Choose a plain white pocket square for formal settings. Always choose a predominantly white pocket square with subtle patterns or colorful border if you want something that will fit in with all corporate settings. This is a formal, yet conservative, appearance.

Regarding white pocket squares, you don't need to be concerned. Practically any tie and jacket combo, or color, will work with these.

It's not acceptable to match the colors of your tie and pocket square.

Make sure you stop using excessive amounts of your patterns. In your tie and pocket square, always strike a balance between solid hues and graphic patterns.

Make sure the pocket square fold complements the event you're attending. Formal events call for flat folds, one-point folds, and two-point folds. You can experiment with more flamboyant folds for more laid-back occasions.Choose a pocket square with a single color if you're wearing a black or white suit.

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