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The best directory to pocket squares

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The best directory to pocket squares

The correct pocket square can make an ensemble, but many guys find it difficult to adhere to the guidelines for donning these fashionable accessories. To make sure your pocket squares always look the part, follow our advice.

A pocket square's appropriate use

Pocket squares don't just belong at formal events; they may also help make casual clothes stand out. You can add a pocket square in a different color to your waistcoat or blazer for a less formal look if you don't want to match it with your tie. You should think about how your pocket square will go with the rest of your outfit while attending more formal events. For a polished appearance, match your tie and pocket square. If you want to add intrigue, choose a pocket square in a different color made of a high-end fabric.

Common blunders with pocket squares

One of the mistakes we frequently observe people making with pocket squares is stuffing them too deeply into the pocket, leaving very little fabric showing. Your pocket square should appear well chosen. Make sure the color of your pocket square complements the other colors in your attire when making your selection. While it's not necessary to match your pocket square to your tie, doing so will help you avoid standing out for all the wrong reasons.

The ideal pocket square folding techniques

Many people just fold their pocket square in half and leave the straight edge sticking out of their top pocket, but we like a more complex fold for a more fashionable look. Try the one-point fold by forming an envelope with your pocket square and exposing only the top point. This triangle's shape is appropriate for all settings and materials. Alternatively, use the puff fold for a more relaxed appearance. In order to make your pocket square appear to be "puffing out of your pocket," pinch the center and tuck it inside your jacket.

How custom pocket squares can benefit your business?

As men try to accessorize their suits and stand out from the crowd with handkerchiefs and pocket squares in matching or opposing colors, adornments like pocket squares are currently seeing a rebirth. A pocket square can provide a distinctive touch and demonstrate that every last detail has been taken into consideration when dressing for a formal occasion. Continue reading to learn how to order your own pocket square, which can give a splash of color to even the most casual suit types.


To meet your needs, we provide pocket squares in a variety of materials. To best display your design, pick between silk or polyester. Making your own custom pocket squares and handkerchiefs couldn't be simpler with our team of talented designers on hand.For ideas, peruse our earlier works, or get in touch with us to discuss your needs and we'll be happy to offer guidance.


Custom pocket squares are a fantastic way to display your business or organization's branding. Your preferred design can be dye-printed in as many colors as you'd like onto the pocket squares. Choose from our selection of common colors, or for a completely custom finish, let us Pantone match the precise colors of your business or team. The edges are then neatly hemmed or, upon request, can be hand-rolled for a more opulent appearance.

Matching accessories

You might decide to get personalized ties and pocket squares in the same color or with complementary patterns for a very sharp look. Additionally, we provide custom cufflinks to complete your ensemble. Nothing is more shrewd for a group, organization, or business than having everyone wear suits and accessories that match. Contact our friendly staff right now to learn more about how we can design unique accessories for your company.

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