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Necktie Patterns and Styles

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Necktie Patterns and Styles

Neckties come in a variety of patterns and styles that can showcase the wearer's personality and taste. Here are some common necktie patterns and styles:


A striped necktie is a classic design that is often used for business and formal occasions. Striped ties can have different widths and color combinations, and sometimes they can be mixed with other patterns.

Solid color

Solid color ties are suitable for various occasions because they can easily match with shirts and suits. Solid color ties come in various colors, ranging from understated black or gray to bright red or blue.


Printed neckties originated in Persia and feature complex yet elegant patterns. This type of tie is suitable for formal occasions, but it can also be used to add a touch of fashion to casual wear.

Polka dot

Polka dot ties typically consist of dots of varying sizes, giving off a lively and playful vibe. This type of tie is suitable for casual occasions but can also be used in business settings to add a bit of fun.


Geometric tie patterns include various shapes and lines, ranging from simple line combinations to complex geometric designs. This type of tie is suitable for both business and casual occasions.


Floral ties usually feature floral patterns, showcasing a romantic and elegant vibe. They are suitable for spring and summer wear, as well as formal occasions such as weddings.

Herringbone Pattern

The herringbone pattern is a classic tie design known for its symmetrical "V" shape pattern, resembling the shape of a fishbone. This pattern originated from ancient Rome and later became one of the representative elements of British gentleman's attire.


A knitted tie is a unique style of tie that differs greatly from traditional silk or polyester ties. Knitted ties are woven with thick yarns, giving them elasticity and texture. They usually come in solid colors, stripes, or other simple patterns, making them suitable for casual or semi-formal occasions.

Necktie Patterns and Styles

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