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Method of folding handkerchief

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Method of folding handkerchief

A piece of cloth that is kept in the pocket and used for cleaning the hands, face, or nose is referred to as a handkerchief. Ancient Greeks used soft linen handkerchiefs to blow their noses and dry their hands, which is where the handkerchief got its start. Since then, handkerchief usage and design have changed significantly. Nowadays, a lot of individuals use handkerchiefs more as fashion ornaments than as useful objects.

Everything you need to know about handkerchiefs—including size, price, availability, environmental impact, and hygienic concerns—will be covered in this article. Learn about their history of use, their origins, and the alternatives.

What is the use of a handkerchief, wonder many fashionistas.

What is the purpose of a handkerchief, many fashion connoisseurs would ask. The opposite could not be true, notwithstanding how out-of-date, out-of-style, and old-fashioned it appears to be. Since it gives your suit and jacket a lovely pop of color, we are handkerchief proponents. A fantastic complement to your necktie is the pocket square as well. One of our pocket squares is a must-have to complete your attire and elevate it to the next level, thus we highly recommend adding one to your outfit.

There are more than 30 handkerchiefs in our inventory, all of which come in a variety of hues, patterns, and materials. We use Italian and Egyptian textiles to create the finest Silk and Cotton pocket squares, which are the ideal finishing touch.

One common query we have from clients is how to properly fold a handkerchief for a suit or jacket. The two handkerchief folding techniques recommended by our style experts are described here. These techniques have been tested and true by us, so you can be sure they will function flawlessly and look excellent in the breast pocket of your favorite suit.

Elegant & Classic Fold

Your handkerchief should be laid flat on a tidy surface. It should then be squared up. That will serve as the foundation for your classic and elegant fold. If you don't understand it right away, don't worry. Getting the hang of it can take some time.

Fold your pocket square in half once more after completing it. So, your presently should be in the shape of a rectangle.

Next, fold one side upward. Depending on how deep your suit or jacket pocket is, you can fold in only a certain amount of the pocket.

Last but not least, wiggle the pocket square into your breast pocket until only approximately a quarter of an inch remains exposed.

Careless Fold

This fold is more relaxed and suitable for a more informal event. "Puff Fold" is another name for it. We select this fashion as our favorite. Most of our consultants are wearing this exact fold if you stop by our store.

Put your pocket square down flat and arrange it into a diamond. The pocket square should now be picked up by pinching it in the center and being held down with the other hand as shown in the illustration below. After that, turn the pocket square over and tuck it neatly inside your suit or jacket.

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