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Men's suits with: three common ways to tie a tie

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Men's suits with: three common ways to tie a tie

I. Coachman's knot

This tying method is very suitable for beginners, it is very simple to tie. First of all, you need to choose a thicker material tie, the coachman's knot is easy to adjust the length of the tie, we can then slowly adjust after tying. The characteristic of the coachman's knot is to rotate the wide tie once through 180 degrees and finally tuck in the back end to complete the whole tying method, very simple, newbies can completely master.

Two, four-hand knot

Seemingly complex, the actual same is a relatively simple knotting method four-handed knot tied out of the tie presents a tapered, giving a simple and sharp feeling, very suitable for

Men, or those who pursue an elegant and simple image. In addition, the four-handed knot is also very suitable for men with short necks, can play a slimming role Oh. Four-handed knot can be match with any suit and the shirt The four-handed knot can be matched with any suit and shirt, and you can't go wrong with this one.

Three, Windsor knot

The famous Windsor knot, almost every Tuxedo The Windsor knot is suitable for wedding or banquet occasions, it will look more formal suit, because the effect of Windsor knot is fuller, so it is not suitable to choose a thick tie.

To cope with the needs of different occasions, master the above three tie tying method, suit wear completely enough oh!

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