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How Pocket Squares Can Make Your Suit and Tie More Fashionable?

Views: 231     Author: Wendy     Publish Time: 2023-06-09      Origin: Site


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How Pocket Squares Can Make Your Suit and Tie More Fashionable?

It's a little but potent accessory that can inject a ton of character into any suit and tie ensemble.

So if you've been putting off wearing a pocket square, now is the moment to start doing so.

And What Exactly Is a Pocket Square?

Let's define a pocket square first things first.

A little piece of folded cloth is tucked into the breast pocket of a blazer or suit jacket. Just like that.

Although it is merely ornamental and has no discernible utilitarian role, it may significantly enhance the look of your ensemble.

Thus, why would you want to wear a pocket square?

Well, it gives a suit and tie look that would otherwise be boring a ton of flair and attitude.

It allows you to express yourself and flaunt your own sense of flair. Additionally, it's one of those little things that add up to a significant difference.

The Best Pocket Square to Use

It's time to pick the best pocket square for your clothing now that you are more knowledgeable about the many styles that are offered.

The secret is to pick a pocket square that enhances rather than detracts from the rest of your ensemble.

Choose a patterned pocket square to create visual interest if your suit and tie are both plain colors. For balance, use a solid-colored pocket square if your suit or tie has a pattern.

Consider the event and the season while selecting the appropriate hue. Stay with traditional hues like white, black, or navy for formal events. Brighter colors and more striking patterns are appropriate for more informal settings. Almost everything is acceptable.

Finally, think about your individual taste. If you like to dress more traditionally, stick to plain, unobtrusive pocket squares. Pick a loud, vibrant pocket square if you wish to draw attention to your clothing.

At the end of the day, what counts most is adhering to your own sense of style.

The adaptability of the pocket square is a fantastic asset in your wardrobe because of this.

How to Wear a Pocket Square?

It's time to learn how to wear a pocket square properly now that you understand what it is and how to pick the best one.

You now understand that there are several folds to pick from, such as the traditional square fold, the one-point fold, and the puff fold.

But for the time being, let's concentrate on how to correctly wear a pocket square.

Make sure the pocket square fits snugly in the top of the pocket of your jacket and doesn't droop or poke out excessively.

You want it to appear deliberate and fashionable rather than sloppy or thoughtless.

Although there is some opportunity for experimentation when it comes to how you choose to wear your pocket square, I would urge you to attempt different looks. However, my personal advice is to always select an outfit-neutral style.

Additionally, you may experiment with how to coordinate the pocket square with your tie or shirt. For instance, you may pick a pocket square with blue highlights or a complementing hue like orange or yellow if your tie is blue.

Is there a proper method to wear a pocket square, you might be asking.

Technically speaking, yes. Even while the pocket square allows you a lot of flexibility, there are several pitfalls you should avoid.

Common Pocket Squares Mistakes to Avoid

There are a few blunders that guys frequently make when wearing a pocket square.

One is picking a pocket square that is too big or tiny for the jacket pocket. It should be perfectly tight and flush with the top of your jacket's breast pocket.

I realize that this might be challenging. Being a short man, I know that many pocket squares are too big for my jacket's chest pocket and wind up bunching there, which is not ideal.

So bear this in mind at all times while purchasing pocket squares. Size is important.

Matching the pocket square too closely to the tie or shirt is another extremely typical error that, luckily, is fairly simple to avoid.

This might ruin the overall appeal by making the ensemble appear overly coordinated.

Keep in mind that the pocket square shouldn't match the rest of the outfit exactly; it should instead stand out.

Finally, refrain from overaccessorizing. While a pocket square is a wonderful way to add flare to your attire, it might start to seem cluttered and overpowering if you're also wearing a tie bar, cufflinks, and a lapel pin.

Select one, two, or three shirts for accessories to highlight and let them shine.

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