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Choose a trendy, textured belt.

Views: 201     Author: Wendy     Publish Time: 2023-04-27      Origin: Site


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Choose a trendy, textured belt.

As the saying goes, "When a woman looks at a bag, a man looks at his waist." When a man unlocks his coat or lifts his hem and puts his hands into his trouser pocket, the first concern is not his clothes or pants, but his belt.

As leather shoes, watches, and what is called one of the three treasures of men's belts, boys daily wear must not be less than necessities. One is the actual need for a belt to fix our pants; the other is like a watch or leather shoes; a good belt is enough to show our taste.

So, how can you pick a belt that is stylish and has texture? In this issue, we will teach you how to choose a belt from these five aspects: common types, buckle selection, color selection, size selection, and logo selection.

Frequent species

The most common types of belts actually fall into three broad categories: leather belts, woven belts, and canvas belts.

1.Leather belt

I believe this is familiar with a belt; basically, male compatriots with a belt will have a leather belt, in view of its wide range of uses, so we often use leather to refer to the belt.

The material of a leather belt is generally crocodile skin, sheepskin, artificial leather, and head-layer cowhide. Crocodile skin texture is the best, but the price is the most expensive; sheepskin texture is beautiful, soft luster, but not as resilient as cowhide; artificial leather has the biggest advantage of being cheap, so the market is artificial leather; the price is the highest, although high, but it has good texture, toughness, and is very durable, if not to hit the children in the home, with a few years or completely no problem, so it is the most recommended to buy.

The cortical belt is more diverse in collocation; business style or casual style can be

You can match the business style, but it is important to note that the color should be as consistent as possible with the leather shoes.

Collocation's casual style also applies.

2.Woven a belt

Weaving belts are also more common; their material is mostly leather, but with the body to form in the way of weaving, they are more suitable for creating casual leisure style. If you are wearing formal clothes, do not use woven belts.

Because the design sense is very strong, a tie-in Cuban collar shirt can easily create a casual style that is simple but very durable.

3.Canvas belt

Canvas belts are very popular among young people because there is no formal constraint; collocation will be more casual, making them very suitable for creating street fashion male style.

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