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A Few Things to Keep in Mind When Wearing Scarves With Earrings

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A Few Things to Keep in Mind When Wearing Scarves With Earrings

It's time to pull out your adorable scarves once more as the weather gets colder. Giving away your beloved jewellery is something you look forward to the least. The good news is that you don't have to! No matter the season, you can wear your scarves and look stunning with the appropriate earrings and style.

Which Earring Style Looks Best With a Head Scarf?

"What can I wear to stay warm without looking like I'm wearing a giant beanie?" is undoubtedly circling through your mind as you read this. Wearing hoops earrings, according to conventional fashion experts, will balance out the region surrounding your face. But you are spoiled for choice. The ideal style of earrings for you will change based on your preferences and the aesthetic you're going for.

1. Bold statement baubles

The most comfortable thing to wear with a headscarf is a bold set of earrings. Think about getting some chandelier or drop earrings. If you wear your earrings on one side, you can wear a statement piece hanging from your scarf and leave your other ear free. Alternately, apply a striking earring on either side. You can even do both with some headscarves, but not in the same ear.

2. Studs

Stud earrings are a good alternative to striking earrings. The easiest alternative is a pair of stud earrings, which look wonderful paired with an old pair of earrings and a new scarf or headband.

3. French wires

Although they're not as common as they once were, French wires still work well for scarves. Smaller heads look excellent with this style of earring since it makes your ear appear smaller.

4. Rings with hoops

Larger heads look wonderful with hoops since they draw attention to your ears. They're also the most conventional choice in terms of a scarf's appearance and texture.

Select Necklaces and Scarves That Complement Your Face Shape

It's critical to know what complements your face shape in order to select earrings and scarves that work for you.


Oval-faced people should avoid wearing large earrings. It would also be a good idea to pair the wide design with a long, thin earring.


You can wear almost any kind of scarf and earring with a round face. Just watch out that the lines on your scarf and earrings don't match too much.


Choose a scarf that stops just below your jaw if your face shape is square. Wearing a scarf with a geometric pattern will help to accentuate the rounder look on your face.


On faces with a heart shape, the cheekbones are oval and the chin is narrow. Large earrings are a bad idea because they will just accentuate your features.

Various Ways to Wear Head Scarves

Beyond just scarves, headscarves have had a greater impact on fashion. You can't use them for everyone. They let you express your individuality and utilise your imagination to create a one-of-a-kind style.

1. Traditional head wrap

The most conventional way to wear a scarf is like this. All you have to do is loop it around your head and secure it with a loose knot or bow. For added warmth, you can even wear a hat.

2. Headgear

It sounds just like a headband. To keep your hair back, you can use a headband in the middle or over your ears.

3. Indirect direction

This look is ideal for anyone who wishes to draw attention to a specific piece of jewellery. Just tie your customary scarf over your head, making sure to leave some of it hanging over the front. This look is excellent for showcasing spectacular earrings.

4. Headband

It's a straightforward style. After tying the scarf around your hair, tuck the loose ends through the tie.


When the temperature drops, a cute scarf is the best accessory you can have to keep your style on point. Be sure to get a scarf and earrings that go well together, though, so they don't look out of place. When you are out doing your shopping, keep in mind the contour of your face. To conclude, remember to have fun with your appearance.

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