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8 reasons it's better to wear a scarf when you travel

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8 reasons it's better to wear a scarf when you travel

Scarves are versatile fabric accessories that can be worn around your neck for a variety of reasons, including warmth, hygiene, style, sun protection, or religious reasons. They are often manufactured from a variety of materials, such as cotton, wool, or linen. All genders and cultures frequently wear scarves, which are a popular sort of neckwear.

These practical clothing items have existed for a very long time. On the statue of Ashurnasirpal II from the ninth century BC, the emperor is draped in a shawl. Scarves were used in ancient Rome for hygiene purposes more than for warmth.On hot days, people would use what was known as a focale or sudarium (Latin for sweat cloth) to wipe their faces and necks of perspiration. Initially, men would attach them to their belts or wear them around their necks. According to historians, under the rule of the Chinese Emperor Cheng, officers or ranks of Chinese troops were denoted by scarves made of fabric. In Croatia around the 17th century, soldiers of various grades began to wear scarves.

Forerunners of the necktie, the scarves worn by certain Croatian troops who worked as mercenaries for the French army were sometimes referred to as "cravats" (meaning "Croat"). In the early 19th century, scarves developed into a true fashion item for both sexes. It evolved into one of the most essential and versatile clothing accessories for both men and women by the middle of the 20th century.

Using Scarves While Traveling: 8 Ideas


When traveling and away from an iron or a washing machine, scarves make great fashion accessories.

2.Sleeping Sheet

You can conceal those suspicious-looking stains on the hotel bedding with your scarf.


Wearing a scarf instantly makes your attire more suitable and is quite helpful while visiting holy places like Bangkok's Wat Pho. Visit this one-of-a-kind handmade scarf shop to pick from a wide variety of eye-catching scarves.

4. Beach towel or blanket for a picnic

You'll be grateful that you packed something to sit on unless you're intending to stay at opulent hotels or resorts in every place you travel to where they give lounge chairs.

5. Temperature Regulation

A lightweight scarf, such one made of cotton or linen, is a great accessory for keeping cool in hot weather. Additionally, you may put it on to keep warm when the evenings are chilly.


You may put your purchases in the centre of the scarf and tie it at the corners to create your own improvised bag if you happen to buy a bit more than you intended to at the market and everything doesn't fit in your backpack.


Although you could feel more like a tourist than a traveler as a result, it is simpler and more practical to carry a camera around your neck. You could feel more at ease if you wrap a scarf over your neck to hide your camera.

8. Getting Better Air

When traveling on rough dirt roads, you can wrap a scarf around your mouth and nose to prevent breathing in exhaust fumes or road dust.

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