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5 types of pocket square folds

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5 types of pocket square folds

For males, adding a pocket square to your clothing is a simple, original way to transform it from casual to elegant. This cloth has the power to make or break your outfit. If worn correctly, pocket squares can coordinate with your outfit for the day and even improve it. Since the opposite is also true, you must make sure to rock them as needed.

We want to make you feel good wearing pocket squares because they are one of the most important textiles a man of style can own.

If you want to finish off your exquisite style, there are numerous variable folds a pocket square can be folded in. Although understanding how to fold one can be challenging, these tools frequently add a splash of color and style everywhere you go.

Avoid comparing the pocket square to a handkerchief and fold the fabric to fit the occasion are the keys to success!

Handkerchiefs go in your front or back pockets, while pocket squares go in the jacket's breast pocket.

You wouldn't want to enter a wedding with your huge handkerchief sticking out of your breast pocket, but the two pieces of fabric also serve very different functions.

Simply go out and purchase a male pocket square, then attempt one of the following five folds:

Square fold

This fold style, often known as the presidential fold, is ideally suited for black-tie occasions.

The simplest and most graceful fold is this one.

The result should be a single strip of cloth that runs horizontally and parallel to the top of your breast pocket.

Use this pocket square to accessorize formal events. Choose a cotton or white linen pocket square, and be sure to iron the wrinkles.

Triangle fold

One-point folding is another name for this. If you want to brighten up your attire, use triangle folds.

In addition, they are basic enough for blazers and business gatherings. It is best to stick with cotton and linen pocket squares.

The stairs collapse

The pocket square is folded in an elaborate manner. You'll have three-tiered steps protruding from the top of your jacket pocket once you learn how to perform a stairs fold!

If you are sick of wearing square and triangle square folds, try this.

In the puff fold

Puff folds are quite simple to use, despite being flexible. When it comes to this, you may always choose printed patterns and motifs.

Puff folds should have creases and dimples to make them fashionable, which is a crucial element.

The wing-puffy

Always use a solid-color pocket square or one with few patterns when wearing the winged puff.

If you love pocket squares with less friction, this one is perfect.

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