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5 style tips for wearing pocket squares

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5 style tips for wearing pocket squares

Any suit instantly gains elegance and class by adding a pocket square. It is formal, stylish, and constantly in style.

It can, however, also be a little perplexing.

How would you fold it, much less include it in your outfit? Should you pick hues that go well with or clash with the other things you're wearing? Are there any particular etiquette guidelines you must adhere to?

We're breaking it down into easy stages for you today. Discover the quick guide to always wearing a pocket square properly by reading on.

Let's start at the beginning before delving into the specifics of wearing a pocket square. Even though it would be perfect, there isn't a single, obvious way to fold a pocket square. There are around seven alternatives instead!

In this comprehensive guide, we have described each one in full, step by step.

Keep to the flat fold, also known as the presidential fold, if you just need one standard style. It's one of the most straightforward to learn and versatile enough to rock at any formal occasion.

Simply set your pocket square level and squarely in front of you to begin. Fold it in half if it's on the smaller side. Larger ones might need to be folded into thirds. At this point, the important thing is to make sure it fits securely in your pocket.

Then, fold it in half once again, tucking the bottom section inside so that it is hidden. I'm done now! Let's now focus on styling it.

1. Match the color of your tie.

Your tie and pocket square should be at the same height. The two accessories ought to complement one another as a result. But don't feel compelled to match them precisely.

The tones shouldn't be identical, but they should blend well together. As a result, the pocket square could appear overpowering and block out any other jewelry or embellishments you're wearing.

Consider making a match with a secondary color to get it correct.

These colors result from combining two or more primary colors. For instance, the secondary color purple is made by combining the colors blue and red. Additionally secondary hues are orange and green.

Let's use an actual case study. Let's say your tie is a dark red color. You might not always wear a red pocket square to match, but you could do it with ease if it was orange. Red's secondary color, orange, is produced when it combines with yellow.

Consider wearing this Knitted Dijon Tie to a forthcoming occasion. It's a safe bet because it's substantial and well-made. Yellow's secondary color, green, would look fantastic next to this painting. You may complete the look by adding our Geometric Green Pocket Square.

2. Prevent Conflicting Patterns

We are known to adore patterned menswear accessories. Our floral ties, floral lapel pins, and paisley bow ties all display it. To succeed in this trend, though, you must keep it simple and let the pattern take center stage.

You are allowed to go all out with a patterned pocket square in the same color as your tie if it is solid. We have a ton of possibilities in checkered, floral, paisley, polka dot, plaid, and striped patterns! employ any pattern that appeals to you and feels right for the situation; there is no hard and fast rule about which one to employ.

However, it's preferable to leave your pocket square solid if you're already bringing the swag with a flashy tie.

3. Use a fold appropriate for the situation

You might be wondering if there is ever a situation where a pocket square feels out of place in terms of etiquette. Simply put, no! Once you know how to wear one properly, you'll discover that they go great with practically any formal attire.

The folds you select do matter, though.

A flat fold is the most conventional and formal, as was already established. It's perfect for formal occasions like weddings and business gatherings where you want to look especially polished. In these settings, one-point and two-point folds are also effective.

On the other hand, you can utilize a traditional puff fold if all you want to do is dress up a more casual appearance. There are also further, more complex folds that offer a lot of style.

4.Ingeniously Display the Design

Even while the occasion should ultimately be your deciding decision, think about the folds that will best show off your pocket square pattern. There are often three main designs available. These consist of:

Solid-color, flat pocket squares

Pocket squares with recurring patterns

Pocket squares with designs

The most complicated shapes in nature are printed squares. They might depict artistic creations, geometric designs, or other irregular patterns. No matter which one you select, take the time to observe how each various fold highlights the pattern of your square. No one will be able to see or appreciate the piece's most striking or visually appealing component if it is concealed beneath your pocket.

5.When In Doubt, Stick With the Basics

You're still confused about how to wear one or when to do so. A plain, timeless white one is a sure bet. From an ultra-fancy wedding to a college graduation, our Herringbone White Pocket Square is a wise pick for every event.

This one piece is timeless without being stuffy and ought to be a mainstay in any man's wardrobe.

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