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5 fashionable styles of silk scarves

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5 fashionable styles of silk scarves

1. Tie your neck

Style characteristics: elegant, mature

One of the most simple and common ways of silk scarves is to be directly tied to the neck. In the early autumn, there is also a certain cold protection effect. The ornament effect is also very good, which can improve the richness of the shape.

If you prefer a small square, fold it directly according to the diagonal line, and then fold it inward, and play it directly around the neck. And this way is relatively simple, almost a look will be able to make the overall shape more bright spot. And this way is easier to create an elegant and mature shape.

2. Tie it to your hair

Style: lively, retro

There is a simpler way to directly tie the scarf on the hair, both low and high horsetail, have certain aging effect, and this way of collocation will be special restoring ancient ways, want to create a more perfect modelling, can choose to hair with hair rope fixed, then scarves tied up, this will be more stable, there will not be a sense of danger, suggest to a smaller silk scarf collocation, high horsetail looks and a French style.

Especially the way that uses low ponytail collocation silk scarf, again early autumn time, deserve to go up the skirt restoring ancient ways, more can deduce a kind of style of the last century 80 and 90 time get incisively and vividly, choose basic design undertakes collocation ok, or the silk scarf on the ponytail and the color forms the effect of dress echo.

3. Wrap it in your hair

Style: personality, characteristics

In addition to the ponytail, you can have a certain correlation with the hair, there is a more classic way, is to wrap the scarf directly in the hair. This way is a shape that Audrey Hepburn often appears, especially has the temperament of a goddess, and evolved into the current fashion circle, will have more personality, but also more characteristic.

But this way is still more selective, for face and head and personal temperament have higher requirements. If the silk scarf, can match sunglasses, the overall shape is cool, personality and characteristics, there will not be a rustic feeling.

4. Tie it to the bag

Style: elegant and noble

There are a lot of girls like to use silk scarves, but I do not know how to become the ornament of the overall shape, then you can choose to put the square on the bag. When embellish the bag again, it is equivalent to embellish the whole body, because most of the silk scarf length is just appropriate, again early autumn, choose brown series, put on the bag will be more show temperament.

5. Tie it to the wrist

Style: unique and convenient

This is an unusual way, but it looks extremely elegant and practical, tying a smaller scarf to the wrist like a special piece.

Especially when making French style, hair or bag are not allowed collocation scarves, looks very abrupt, can use the scarf chiffon fabrics and clothes color echo between each other, to create a sense of balance, as the existence of the small accessories, if the hair need, also can directly pick up from the hand, this modelling fashionable very beautiful.

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