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3 Various Styles of Tie Knots

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3 Various Styles of Tie Knots

Although there are only a few distinct types of ties, there are countless distinct varieties of tie knots. There are essentially countless ways to knot a tie. Learn how to tie the traditional sorts of knots, the elegant types of knots, and the knots that will cause others to stop, look, and inquire about you. If you can tie a variety of knots well, you'll always look amazing and have varied looks for different situations.


A casual tie knot that can be tied in just a few easy steps is the Atlantic knot, often referred to as the cafe knot or the ventaglio knot. Instead of patterned or striped ties, this knot works better with solid ties.

1.Cross the tie's thin end over the thick end.

2. Transfer the tail of the tie to the opposite side by bringing the thin side of the tie up and under the tie collar, then bringing it back down across the knot.

3.Slide the tie's tail beneath the knot and carry it to the opposite shoulder.

4. At this point, bring the tail back across the tie's front.

5.Remaining on the same side of the knot, bring the tail of the tie up and under the collar before bringing it back down and over the collar.

6.Go beneath the knot and bring the tail back to the opposite shoulder.

7. Pass the tie through the rear loop of the knot by pulling it up and over the neck loop, then back down and under the collar.

8.Make sure your Atlantic knot is tight and straight.


When you wish to improve your appearance, the balsam knot is the ideal option. Give yourself some time to tie this knot because it resembles a nice Windsor knot but is more difficult.

1.Tie the tie around your neck so that the back side faces outward.

2. Make a crisscross motion with the tie's two ends, crossing the thinner end over the thicker one.

3.Pull the thick side of the tie through the collar and cross it under to the opposite side before bringing it back down under the collar or neck loop.

4. Transfer the tie to the other side by pulling it through the collar once more.

5. Repeat, this time crossing over to the opposite side and passing through the collar.

6.Pull the tie across the knot's front and then behind it, bringing the end up and over the knot's backside.

7. Tuck the tie's tail through the loop you made in step 1 above.

8.Tighten the knot by pulling the tie through it.

Caldwell Swagg

There is little doubt that the Caldwell swagg knot is unlike any other tie knot. This is a very new sort of tie knot that resembles an Onassis knot variant. When you want a stylish look that goes with anything and complements almost any dress shirt or collar design, try this knot. It is attractive at any formal function and looks fantastic in the boardroom. Some knots appear complex but are actually quite easy. Although it appears easy and graceful, the Caldwell swagg knot is actually quite difficult to make.

1.Place the thicker tie side over the thinner tie side.

2.Keeping your hand on the same side of the cross-section, bring the thicker side of the tie up and over the collar.

3. Cross the tie to the opposing shoulder by going underneath the knot.

4. Continue on that side of the knot and bring the tie up over the collar one more time before bringing it back down and under the collar.

5.Slide the tie underneath the knot before bringing it back up. Simply by sweeping the tie in a fluid motion while concealing the knot, you will have produced something that closely resembles the Onassis knot.

6. Grab the tail by the underside—the side with the seam—and flip it over so that the seam is facing outward by reaching beneath the tie.

7.Pull the tail of the tie over the front of the tie and up under the knot. The tail's rear must continue to face outward.

8. Flip the tie's tail up toward your face and tuck it inside the collar of your shirt so that the tie's front side is visible at your neck. You can draw the tie's tail through to make it lay flat if you unbutton a few buttons on your shirt's collar.

9. To attain a good fit, straighten the front of your tie and make any necessary adjustments to the knot underneath. You tie a Caldwell swagg knot in this manner.

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